Robert Macdonald

Real Estate Broker

The stakes are high in any real estate transaction from finding the right property to negotiating a good buy. In my opinion the best chance for achieving a successful outcome is to work with a Realtor committed to service, not sales. Therefore I don’t pursue sales. Instead I focus on identifying and meeting the needs of the client and trust that the sale will be a by-product of creating a positive experience for everyone involved.

One of the most crucial aspects of good service is the ability to work effectively not only with clients, but also with other professionals. These may include another agent, a lender, an appraiser, an escrow agent, and many others. Each has their own perspective and agenda. To broker a deal successfully, I find it necessary to use all my skills in reading people; in understanding their differing and sometimes contradictory perspectives and goals; in communicating effectively between and among the client and the professionals in a timely way; and at all times acting consistently in the best interest of my client. It is an aspect of the business which I really enjoy and approach with diligence, sensitivity, and enthusiasm.

By way of background, I am a Seattle native and graduate of the University of Washington. For recreation I do inline skating and play ice hockey. My personal passion is constantly trying to improve myself both as a person and a professional.

I would be honored and excited to help you with your real estate transactions now and in the future. 

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