Debbie Jefferson

Real Estate Broker

Debbie is a Seattle native and currently lives in the Green Lake neighborhood. She has lived and worked throughout the Greater Seattle area and has helped her clients buy and sell homes in a wide variety of locations, from the urban to the semi-rural.

Debbie came into the real estate profession after working in architecture, construction, and Seattle-area public and private education. With strong ties to these fields, she is able to add a broad service base to her real estate knowledge.

With an established referral list of architects, remodelers, contractors and handymen, she is able to help sellers navigate the process of getting a home ready for the market. And, she can help buyers who are improving their new homes.

When buyers shop for a new home, Debbie is able to discuss the pros and cons of architectural design – when does form sacrifice function? How do the different styles of homes affect the long-term investment potential or the ongoing maintenance of a home? If you are a family thinking about moving to the Seattle area from out of town, she can connect you with parents, teachers and administrators currently in the public school system, so you can quickly assess what your best choices might be.

Debbie is proud to be a member of the highly respected, independent real estate firm, Lake & Company Real Estate. Lake’s Golden Rule is to consider clients as a family, and this can be seen among the staff as well.
The Lake brokers see themselves as a team, rather than a group of individual competitors, and seek to help every broker succeed in meeting their clients’ objectives. This gives the client not only a committed individual but also an army of reinforcements! Carefully selecting a firm with this kind of philosophy – where the CLIENT IS CENTRAL, Debbie is committed to work hard, with the highest integrity for her clients.

In addition to her work background, Debbie has experience in property management, is a member of the Rental Housing Association of Puget Sound, has been named Best in Client Satisfaction in Seattle Magazine every year since 2009, earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, and has post-baccalaureate education.


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