Alysha Ruf

Licensed Assistant

Home is an environment that welcomes you with open arms

Confident | Approachable | Passionate
Growing up in the halls of Nordstrom gave me the opportunity to learn the best customer service from the best for over 20 years. Leaning on those practices lends itself perfectly to the buying and selling of homes.The buying and selling process can be emotional, I’m here to bring resources, logic, and ease making that process as seamless as possible. Nesting is a favorite hobby of mine. Whether it be a first home, a downsizer, or anything in between, lets find the right nest for you. I thrive on creating environments that welcome people in with open arms, let’s get started!

What I’m All About
• Breaking bread and filling glasses with my people
• FaceTiming with my big crazy family
• Making mignonettes for freshly shucked oysters
• Planning the next party
• Attending or coaching one of my kids sporting/dance/drama events
• Laughing until my laugh turns to a cackle
• Continuing on my never-ending quest for decadence

Little-Known Fact
I’m in a book about baseball stances. The book is called, “The Batting Stance Guy- A Love Letter to Baseball” The tag line for the book is, “Ladies and Gentlemen- I offer you the least Marketable Skill in America.” So there’s that!

In My Back Pocket
University of Arizona BFA| National Association of Realtor Certified |
Softball Coach | Oyster Farmer’s Wife | Mama and Corraller of #Chicaandthedude |


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1-12 of 19

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