Nadine Malmgren

Real Estate Broker

Offering unparalleled service to buyers, sellers, and builders in the Seattle Metro area since 1997.

My goal is to smooth the way while assisting your purchase or sale of a home or land. I work hard to give you peace of mind throughout the process. To best achieve this goal, I will exceed your expectations, anticipate and mitigate concerns, and guide you to personal and financial success with some of your largest investments.

Here's more I'd like you to know about me:

-Referrals from my clients are what keep me in business. Because I focus on giving my clients the service they deserve, and don't spend time or effort advertising for new clients, most of my new business comes through enthusiastic clients who recommend me to their friends, neighbors and colleagues. My clients are the sole reason for my success!
-I view every client as an individual, not as a commission. My clients have honored me with their trust, and I work hard every day to prove myself worthy of that honor.
- My business ethic is defined by complete dedication to my clients and what they need. I am single-minded in my focus on helping:
-Helping my Home Buyers to find the right home at the best price possible. I don't sell my Buyers a home. I help them to purchase one - that's a big difference!
-Helping my Home Sellers to market their home successfully for a sale at the highest price possible. Our marketing plan attracts that Buyer who most appreciates the unique features of the home, and who is therefore willing to pay a higher price than a Buyer with less regard for the home.
-Helping all my clients to experience the real estate process in most pleasant way possible. I manage any stressful situation that might occur to let your experience be the best it can be.

Whether you are looking to buy or to sell your home or property, my experience, market expertise, and focus on You - your needs and requirements - makes me the right resource for any real estate question or transaction. Thank you for considering me to help facilitate the sale or purchase of your home or investment property.


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