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Each Seattle neighborhood has its own flavor. I have lived in Seattle since the ‘90s and have lived in most of them. I have a deep connection, love and understanding of how Seattle-ites live. With every buyer and seller, I’m excited to learn what it is that brings them comfort, joy and the best fit. I will provide excellent individualized customer service and communication. With the Seattle Real Estate market as competitive as it is, know that I’m a broker who is available with a quick answer when needed. It also requires individualized schedules and needs which I will design for my clients. I want to find you not only a good home, but the home that fits your lifestyle. 

I’m here to support your Real Estate search or sale, while keeping the market issues that are most important for you at the forefront. As your broker, I will work above and beyond for my client to find your buyer or house that begins your next dream. Helping my home sellers market their house using a marketing plan that highly focuses on the features that will draw in the buyers that make the best fit. 

Seattle has been an amazing city for me to live in and I’m very proud to be helping others buy and sell their homes here. I’ve been an educator, fundraiser, social worker, beer man at Mariners & Seahawks games and a Sounders fan among the many hats I’ve worn. I’m happy to share the joys that Seattle has to offer. I’m happy to share the joys that Seattle has to offer. Lastly, I’m a cancer survivor and make an annual donation to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Seattle Children’s Hospital, One Hundred For Haiti or Planned Parenthood with 5% of my Real Estate broker commissions.


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