Darnell Samuelson

Real Estate Broker

During my Senior year in Communications at the University of Washington, an unexpected meeting altered the course of my future. My landlord, an active real estate developer, offered me a job. That job grew into overseeing his construction sites and ultimately working on the design and finishes of his new projects. I quickly learned I had a passion for real estate and loved seeing a project from conception through to completion. This work lead to many opportunities within the real estate industry, one of those being the opportunity to hang my broker license with Lake & Company Real Estate. Lake & Company is one of the highest producing offices in the Northwest Multiple Listing Service and I am lucky to be one of the select few in our fabulous office.

In my free time, you will likely find me remodeling my Ravenna home, working on a design project, or hunting for agates on a local beach. I treasure the Puget Sound and never tire of spending time on the water and exploring. I love connecting people, hosting dinner parties for friends and family, and spending time with the latest addition to my family, my mini Aussie Ollie.


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1-12 of 226

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