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About Nadine Malmgren

Offering unparalleled service to buyers, sellers, and builders in the Seattle Metro area since 1997.

My goal is to smooth the way while assisting your purchase or sale of a home or land.  I work hard to give you peace of mind throughout the process. To best achieve this goal, I will exceed your expectations, anticipate and mitigate concerns, and guide you to personal and financial success with some of your largest investments.

Here's more I'd like you to know about me:

  1. I am consistently one of Seattle's top-producing real estate agents.
  2. Referrals from my clients are what keep me in business. Because I focus on giving my clients the service they deserve, and don't spend time or effort advertising for new clients, most of my new business comes through enthusiastic clients who recommend me to their friends, neighbors and colleagues. My clients are the sole reason for my success!
  3. I view every client as an individual, not as a commission. My clients have honored me with their trust, and I work hard every day to prove myself worthy of that honor.
  4.  My business ethic is defined by complete dedication to my clients and what they need. I am single-minded in my focus on helping:
  •  Helping my Home Buyers to find the right home at the best price possible.  I don't sell my Buyers a home.  I help them to purchase one - that's a big difference! 
  • Helping my Home Sellers to market their home successfully for a sale at the highest price possible.  Our marketing plan attracts that Buyer who most appreciates the unique features of the home, and who is therefore willing to pay a higher price than a Buyer with less regard for the home. 
  • Helping all my clients to experience the real estate process in most pleasant way possible.  I manage any stressful situation that might occur to let your experience be the best it can be.  

Whether you are looking to buy or to sell your home or property, my experience, market expertise, and focus on You - your needs and requirements - makes me the right resource for any real estate question or transaction. Thank you for considering me to help facilitate the sale or purchase of your home or investment property.


                                        Since 2004, you have nominated me, year after year, as 

                                 Seattle Magazine’s ‘Best in Client Satisfaction’ Real Estate Agent.

                                                                        Thank you.


    This was one of the best experiences that we have had. Aside from the entire transaction, we feel that we have made valued new friends with Nadine and David and would not hesitate to refer them to anyone.

  • -Larry and Jayne Ruccione
  • Nadine and Dave made the process of selling Mom's house a quick, easy, and smooth process. We were very happy with our team. The contacts they have in the community made for the work getting done easier than having to search on our own. Great job Nadine and Dave!

  • -Marcy Brown and Jeannie McCune
  • Thanks, Nadine. It was a real pleasure to work with you and Dave. Dave, I love your relaxed, no-pressure approach. Nadine, you were so easy to talk to and very professional in the handling of our purchase. You guys make a great team! Thanks for helping us with this next stage in our lives. You both gave us great support through the whole process. We are excited now to get moved in and re-settled. Hope to see you again soon. Thanks, again!

  • -Mike and Deb Rigby
  • Rick and I were able to trust David and Nadine 100% with the process, which proved to be extremely important in such a stressful life event. David and Nadine are "all pro" and [we] wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to friends and family interested in selling property.

  • -Rick and Julie Proctor
  • Thank you Nadine and David for your help with cleaning the house. We couldn't do it without you. Thanks again.

  • -Ladislav and Vlasta Mach
  • Hi Nadine,

    We really appreciated having you manage this situation to a successful close. Nice work! We always felt very well represented (we didn't feel the same working with other real estate brokerages...)

    Thank you!

  • -Aram Pierce
  • Sometimes things just work out right, and that's how I feel about the sale of my mom's house. We couldn't have done it without the two of you throughout this whirlwind process. From your contacts and hard work, the planning to get this house on the market with it looking beautiful from start to finish and sold in only 12 days was amazing! Great timing for Dave to be at the house last night and Nadine for sticking with the offer. Your persistence paid off for all of us and is greatly appreciated.

    I'm doing my party dance! Thank you so much!

  • -Marcy (and Mom, too)
  • Nadine and David showed the power of teamwork! Excellent pricing, prep before sale, and communication. Will definitely refer to our friends. Thanks so much.

  • -Mauricio and Liz Rubio
  • You did a great job and I appreciate all the help you gave me.

  • -Bryan Absher
  • Thank you so much! You are amazing to work with and I truly appreciate all the effort, guidance and help you provided. I'd be very happy to refer you to anyone! Back in town now and very happy all worked out so quickly. Thanks again, take care!

  • -Gary
  • I never could have done the paperwork or had the house ready without them. The yard work that was done really made a difference and was done in record time.

    Nadine was always available and very positive about the whole process. And explained everything so the questions from us were minimal.

    David was a constant presence, which for me was reassuring and helped with anything that needed to be done.

  • -Gloria and Glen
  • Thank you very much for your help. Couldn't have done it without you!

  • -Gun Karlsson
  • 5 stars! Would give more if it was an option. Nadine has been my go-to realtor for years. I've recommended her to friends and family with confidence that she will seamlessly guide them through the buying or selling process. Her negotiating skills and ability to keep the stress level low in real estate transactions has been outstanding.

  • -Penny Stafford
  • Thanks! Once again you gave us one thousand percent of your all. We appreciate everything. We will see you soon.

  • -Kathryn and Sergei Bischak
  • Thank you for all your help and care. You were wonderful.

  • -Alice and David Marzullo
  • I think that communication and explanation of the process were a huge factor in our having a good business relationship. That meant a lot to me-- the last home I bought was a about 20 years ago, in a different state, and this time I was out of state the whole time except for viewing. So all the communication was by phone and email-- that much more of a challenge to keep a client fully on board throughout the process. I very much appreciated the frank and honest comments about different properties-- both positive and negative. This has been a fantastic learning experience. Great job! Many thanks!

  • -Ed Pasanen
  • Outstanding service and thorough knowledge of the process. Great advice regarding staging.

  • -Jim and Heather Moynihan
  • You couldn't have made this more clear, professional, and thorough. You brought a sense of humor to help us get through a difficult process and went way beyond what we expected from this experience. Wish we could rate you 5-thousand stars, not just 5!

  • -Kathryn & Serge Bischak
  • Nadine was an excellent broker throughout our entire buying and selling process. She went above and beyond the call of duty. Rob and I were at times shocked with her amazing and detail-oriented customer service. We don’t find that type of customer/client service in most places, so it was a wonderful surprise. We would recommend Nadine to everyone.

  • -Karen and Rob Bombino
  • I had an excellence experience working with Nadine from start to finish. No regrets and all smiles for having picked her to sell my home. I’ll refer others to her and use Nadine again when the need arises.  

  • - Sharon
  • Nadine went over and above in helping get the home ready to sell. Thanks.  

  • - Julia
  • Nadine was excellent to deal with during the entire (complicated) transaction!!! Thank you.

  • - Brian and Andrea Dodd
  • It was a pleasure working with [Nadine] on the... transaction. I hope we will cross paths again sooner rather than later.

  • - Mary Huletz
  • Please accept my heartfelt thanks for making the purchase of my condo a reality. I enjoyed working with you... Your attention to detail and your promptness at every step was genuinely appreciated.

  • - Geri Linkins
  • Nadine is amazing! No, that is too timid. Nadine is a miracle! She captained our home buying journey like a parent oversees his child playing with fire-- reigning us in when we needed but letting us explore. The hazards and problems of a short sale were averted, various dubious characters were dealt with and we got our home at a great price with good conditions. Thanks a billion!

  • - Sian Kennedy and Lori Mason
  • I continue to be very pleased!  In our 10+ transactions with her, Nadine always goes the extra mile to take care of us and make sure that even the smallest detail is handled professionally and with care.

  • - Al Chaffee, Project 728 LLC

Nadine is great to work with and I now consider her a friend.

  • - Gayle Simpson

You couldn't have made this more clear, professional, and thorough.  You brought a sense of humor to help us get through a difficult process and went way beyond what we expected from this experience.  Wish we could rate you 5-Thousand stars, not just 5!

Kathryn & Serge Bischak

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