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List your home with me and I will "stage it" for free!

What is home staging?

Home Staging is a relatively new concept in the process of preparing your home for sale. Knowledgeable sellers and real estate agents utilize staging to accelerate the sale, obtain more offers, and get top dollar for the home.

Staging a home means setting up furnishings in a somewhat whimsical way to make your home seem more spacious and livable. This appeals to potential buyers because it helps them visualize themselves living in the house. As they imagine moving in their own belongings, their desire to buy the house increases dramatically.

What does staging entail?

Staging involves either bringing furniture into a vacant home or enhancing the furnishings in an occupied house. If your home is vacant, I will supply all of the furnishings and arrange them to create a showcase look. I provide furniture, artwork, curtains, live plants, and all the little things that make a home cozy and inviting. Your home will have a personalized look that will make it stand out from all the other houses on the market.

If your home is currently occupied, staging often means removing items, re-arranging furniture and adding a few key pieces to tie it all together. As a side benefit, packing and temporarily storing some of your possessions will help you get a head start on moving. I will help you determine what to remove, and give you recommendations for minor changes to help your house develop more appeal.

Staging does not mean remodeling, major painting, or refinishing floors. In fact, quite often sellers who don't use my services will waste thousands of dollars painting and re-carpeting in colors that the potential buyer may not like. This has the negative effect of reducing the likelihood of sale, because the buyer will need additional money to repaint and re-carpet.

Most often, buying a home is an emotional experience. In the homes I stage, buyers fall in love with the feel of the home. At this point, it is not about square footage or if it has a new roof, it is about how they can make it their new home. I have seen buyers purchase homes that were completely different from what they initially said that they wanted, BECAUSE they just fell in love with the FEEL of the home. 

What does staging cost?

I started doing staging as a service to my sellers. This means that if you "List your home with me, I will stage it for FREE!" Whether this means filling your vacant home with furniture or rearranging and adding to what is in your occupied home, I will prepare your home to sell faster and for more money. Not only do you save on the cost of staging itself, you also potentially increase the market value of your home. If you list your home with me, the staging term will correspond to the listing term and the cost will be included with the normal brokerage fee. If your home is currently listed you can contract with Furnishments for staging only. The current rate for staging is only $1.50 per square foot of staged area, with a $750 minimum contract amount. Typically, this will include all of the primary living space in the house. Staging contracts are for a four week period, and may be extended for $0.25 per square foot per week for up to an additional eight weeks.

For your real estate needs contact me directly at (206)271-3388 or email

For more information regarding staging please visit my website at


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