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Buying or selling a home is one of the most important decisions you will make, and you want the right professional to guide you through the process. 

Whether you are a first-time home-buyer, experienced homeowner hoping to sell your home in a tight market, or an investor looking to sell or buy a property, I will use my wealth of experience and dedicate myself to provide you with outstanding guidance and service.

I have a master's degree in software engineering, and my passion is real estate. Unlike most other real estate agents, I started my career as a real estate investor. 

Over the last 20 years, I've bought and sold many residential and commercial properties for myself. I have built my own home and remodeled over a dozen properties. I currently own numerous rental properties and I can share my experience on how to be successful in finding and owning property. 

With my engineering and remodeling experience, I can help you evaluate the condition of a property and the cost to bring it up to your standards. As your agent I will share my list of contacts such as reliable handymen, contractors and other professionals. 

I will educate, guide you, and use my negotiation skill to make sure you are successful in getting the perfect home or investment property.

Let's work together to help you meet your goals!

  • Joseph was an insightful, attentive, and efficient agent who worked tirelessly to find, show, and make offers on homes that we loved! He was extremely flexible with his schedule and made each step in the home buying process easy, from expediently contacting sellers to using his network of professionals in the industry to give us good advice and excellent service. I feel lucky to have run into Joseph, and we know we can rely on him in the future for any real estate questions we have. Colin Hunsburger and Piper Stull-Lane

  • For those of you looking to buy a home in the Seattle area. . .I'm sorry. The market is going absolutely insane right now in terms of high demand and low supply. It is a frustrating process, but here is my advice, contact Joseph ASAP. My wife and I started looking for places back in October/November 2015 and reached out to several agents. They were either exceedingly negative (e.g. you don't have enough money to buy in this market), or exceedingly optimistic (this run down piece of crap just needs a little TLC: it doesn't matter that the walls are literally falling down). We even went so far as to contact agents from Redfin and were extremely disappointed with the utter lack of knowledge. That is when we found Joseph.

    In the modern world, the days of telling agent what you want and having him show you a dozen homes or so isn't really around. Rather, with online tools and the extremely fast sales it has become a race of sorts. Scour the MLS database until something somewhat hits your interest and get out to see it THAT day and decide, otherwise you might be left behind, or miss out.

    Joseph was great in a few key areas. First, he was extremely responsive and available. Even with last minute, "this just came on the market we need to look at it now" phone calls, he was able to accommodate nearly every whim we had, which is above and beyond every other agent we talked to. The second key area of excellence was his depth of knowledge, not just of the real estate market, nor just his knowledge of what it takes to win an offer/bidding war, but also his knowledge regarding homes, buildings, fixing, costs and all of the other things people often don't realize they should know. We would walk into a home and he would do what I call an "impromptu inspection", tell you what was wrong, what needed to be fixed, how difficult it is to do this, and/or how expensive it would be to pay someone else. I believe that this knowledge comes from his years (decades?) of experience as a landlord. This has given him a special set of skills that I have not seen in any other agents. The final thing I want to touch on regarding Joseph is his understanding of what it takes to win an offer. It's not just that he can tell you things that can help, but it is that he can explain the WHY and the HOW of offer details. For example, assume that you are about to put in an offer on a hot property and are fairly certain that it will end in a bidding war (typical of Seattle right now). He has the knowledge of tips and tricks, concessions, etc. that can make your offer stand out from the others. While other agents may know of some tips/tricks, with Joseph it is different. He really knows the game and he can explain, in ELI5 terms, what it is that you are conceding/agreeing to and why it makes your offer more powerful.

    Joseph was a great agent and I credit his knowledge in getting us, not the home of our dreams (we're not multi-millionaires), but a hot home in the neighborhood we have come to love. TL;DR: He knows his sh!t.  Nathan W.
  • We are so happy that we chose Joseph as our real estate agent. He really loves his job, and he knows how to do it. He was extremely helpful for us! Thank you, Joseph! Anton & Valentyna
  •  Joseph did a fantastic job! He consistently found us great properties to view and when it came time to write our first offer he really helped guide us through every step of the process. Several times we were interested in homes with multiple offers and we wouldn't be in our new home today without Joseph's savvy negotiating. Highly recommend him!  Susie & Steve   
  • My husband and I were first-time home buyers and Joseph's expert knowledge of Seattle real estate market and outstanding dedication to find us a home of our dreams was invaluable. He was always available to us throughout the whole process by his cell and email and always took time to address any of our concerns. He referred us to excellent mortgage brokers, home inspectors and contractors. He was there to immediately arrange showings of any properties we thought we might like, including the ones which got on market just seconds ago. Finally, he was able to negotiate an excellent purchase price for us for the beautiful, fully renovated home in a highly sought-after Seattle neighborhood with the best elementary school for our kids. I don't know what inside knowledge and tricks he used, but, in the end, the house was ours, not our competitor's. To put it shortly, with Joseph on our side, the whole home buying process in quite tough Seattle seller's market was hassle free and very successful. I am recommending Joseph now to any of my friends who would like to buy real estate in Seattle, for investment or personal use. Why to settle for less when Joseph can get you what you truly want.  Katya & Sergey
  • Joseph Goldberg is an exceptional realtor that provided my husband and me with the best possible first home buying experience. He provided us with excellent advice and was in constant communication. We always felt like we were a priority. Joseph is a brilliant negotiator and assisted us every step of the way. With his help we closed on an amazing home in Queen Anne. Jamie Giganti         
  • Joseph is very knowledgeable of the greater Seattle area and made looking/buying painless. Readily available by phone or in person, punctual, and friendly. His sound advice and shrewd negotiating made buying our first rental property super easy. Will use Joseph again and strongly recommend to friends and family. Joe &  Tovi 
  • I've acquired several investment properties with Joseph's help. He is an expert in multiple-unit properties, has insight into all aspects of real estate investment. Joseph is very resourceful and innovative in his search techniques and responds nearly in real time.  Val & Kira
  •  Whether you are a first time home-buyer, or a sophisticated investor, Joseph's market expertise, and low pressure approach attributes highly to his amazing track record. As a successful investor himself, Joseph is able to identify amazing cash-flow opportunities and every time, is negotiates great price point for his clients. Joseph takes the time to share his personal insight, as well as really get to know his clients and their objectives. It's evident that Joseph cares about your best interests above and beyond anything, and this is why it is a privilege to work with him.  Josh
  • Josef provided us with a great end to end professional experience and managed to close a difficult deal in a very competitive market. We chose Josef through friend’s recommendation and he did not disappoint. If you need a real estate agent that makes the difference and give you the edge, Joseph is certainly the one!! Very experienced, friendly, patient and business savvy.   Thanks, Amit & Danielle     
  • My wife and I were interested in an investment property and Joseph was very knowledgeable of the Seattle area and would recommend him to anyone. He took us around to multiple properties on the first day, of which we found one we fell in love with. Unfortunately we were unable to get it, but have been working with him since to find another. Bjorn & Emily    
  • My wife and I live in Vancouver Canada. We are looking to buy a rental building in the Greenlake area of Seattle that we eventually will be moving into in a few years. We contacted Joseph Goldberg after we saw his name pop up online. On a trip to Seattle we met with Joseph and he took us to view a few great buildings that he thought we would like. He gave us his view on each property and on the market overall. He took his time to educate us on the local housing market. We were very impressed with Joseph. He is clearly very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Seattle’s local housing market. We are most impressed with his intelligence. He is very smart and can think outside the box . He shared some of his approaches on how to effectively negotiate and win in a very competitive market like Seattle. We learned that Joseph had a successful career as a software engineer before he turned to follow his passion in Real Estate. And we could really see why. Although we are still looking we know that Joseph is our guy. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking to invest in real estate in Seattle. We would like to thank him very much for all his assistance and professionalism in helping us to get to know the Seattle real estate market. Benny & Naomi      
  • If you want an agent that will atom tirelessly. Joseph is the one who would work endlessly till you find the right house. Joseph showed me numerous buildings and was knowledgeable about the property and the neighborhood. Simon              
  • We were looking for a real estate rental investment property. Joseph helped us to buy a nice condo in Fremont. Joseph has an intimate knowledge of the local real estate market. He is highly experienced in locating a property that meets the client's specific requirements. He notified us when the right condo unit at the right price came to the market and advised us on the offer price that he believed seller will most likely accept. He also helped us decide if it is a good investment using a detailed spreadsheet for worst and best case scenarios. He is highly knowledgeable in the entire bidding process, including the inspection, effective negotiation management (with his leadership we improved the price very significantly), and closing the transaction. He was there to guide and walk us through the process and give his expert advice, always keeping your best interest as his top priority. A week after closing, Joseph helped us find tenants and sign a lease with them. He was extremely helpful in finding handymen to get the property ready for rental in a very short time. His commitment to your best interests continues beyond the transaction itself, it's more of a long term relationship. Joseph is highly professional, extremely reliable and trustworthy. The combination of expertise and integrity with which he managed this transaction effectively, accurately and quickly gave us the confidence to enter the real-estate market and we will definitely use his services again and recommend him to all our friends. Jonathan            
  • I always feel like Joseph is looking out for the best deal on the property I am looking for. In addition, he keeps his eye out for prospective bargains and developable properties that may suit my needs in the future. And, his knowledge of the local market and current conditions means I can rely on him finding the up and coming neighborhoods for good investing....anonymous             
  • Joseph is exactly what you want in your real estate agent to be. He is highly knowledgeable; understand the local real estate market and the process real well. He is always there for you to guide and walk you through the process and give you his expert opinion. He will notify when the right house came the market and will strategize the best offer that could get you the house for the least amount of money. I will use Joseph again not only to buy but also to sell any real estate. I will highly recommend him. Yoav                  
  • We were just browsing for a possible investment property, so when few weeks later Joseph called us with a listing and explain that this was a terrific investment, we were obviously very skeptical.  Joseph has lots of experience. He took the time to explain and put all income, expenses, potential capital gains and possible exit strategies on a detailed spreadsheet for worst and best case scenarios and we started to fill more confident and decided to go with the purchase.  Joseph helped us in negotiation and inspection and then guided us through the closing.  Almost a year later we are very happy, the property is providing us even more income that we originally planned for and has already appreciated significantly. We would have not done it without Joseph.  Tova              
  • I would highly recommend Joseph to be your Realtor. He will work diligently to get things d one for you like he did for us.   Joseph has high integrity to his customers, he is very logical and with his experience and common sense and he will make sure that you are not going to make the wrong decision. I found Joseph to be having good negotiation skills; he is timely, responsive, accurate, and extremely well-reasoned. He is a good communicator and will keep you update to date on what is going on with the transaction. There is not enough good things that I can say about his abilities and expertise in the Seattle real estate field. There are many agents you to choose from but in my opinion, Joseph has the important combination of experience, intelligence, business and common sense that make him stands out from the pack of other good agents. With him it not just to make the transaction happen, it’s more of a long term relationship and will continue to serve your needs. David         
  • We used Joseph in the process of purchasing our home. We highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy. We had heard from man y friends who bought homes in the area that they had been involved in bidding wars. This made us very reluctant to begin the process of looking at home. I wanted to get it done ASAP, Joseph made this possible. He made himself very available to show us homes, and was very prompt when responding to our emails. With all of his help we were able to move into our new home in a mere three weeks! Could not have asked for better service. We are very fortunate to have found Joseph.  Dan & Karina    
  • Prior to Joseph, I worked with three other realtors in the last few years both on the buy and sell side of the transaction. M any of them were professional and experienced, but Joseph is the only one who met my full expectations of a realtor. My expectations of my realtor are 1. To be an expert in their profession in understanding the market, purchase price, rental market and be an effective negotiator 2. Communicate timely and follow through on my expectations 3. Be reliable  and trustworthy 4. Lead by example. Joseph fulfilled on each of the above, and thus, in less than three months we closed on two multi -family properties. I was interested in buying real estate for rental/investment and without a hard and fast budget or fixed parameters, within a week of looking, we found a charming triplex in Green Lake that was purchased at below market price and closed within 30 days. Fifteen days later, I had renters paying rent all with the guidance of Joseph. He was a wealth of resource in finding handymen/subcontractors at a bargain to get the property ready for rent and helping me develop a system from advertising the property to screening tenants to being a landlord. Without his guidance and his generosity with his time and knowledge after the transaction, I would not have had the confidence to buy a second 5-plex in Ravenna two months later. Not to mention, the second property closed in less than 30 days because of Joseph's detailed organization and communication with the seller's agent. I respect Joseph's personal experience as a landlord and his willingness to help others build their financial freedom with real estate. His advice and continued handholding has given me the confidence to manage these properties on my own on top of my day job. Further, prior to Joseph, I was willing to buy properties almost anywhere as long as the price was right. With Joseph's guidance, he has helped me develop my own parameters of what makes a good investment, priorities and using numbers, not emotions, to justify the purchase price. Without his follow through and continued time and support after the purchase I'd probably still be looking passively online at websites like Zillow to find properties rather than collecting rent. So in short, if you want a professional you can depend on before and after the transaction, who truly understands what makes a great investment, and will teach you how to be a responsible landlord, then Joseph is your Realtor.  Tina              
  •  I recommend using Joseph as your Realtor, you won't be disappointed! Joseph helped me sell my Queen Anne condo, a very bittersweet and emotional thing for me personally. I moved away from Seattle, had renters in the unit and was not in town during the whole process. He took ca re of everything and I really appreciated how he  continually checked in on me just to make sure I was feeling good. He really went the extra mile in researching the market to ensure a fair price, actually visiting similar units and talking to neighbors rather than just pulling comps. He ensured that the tenants were treated respectfully, not inconvenienced, and that their needs were met.   During offer negotiations, he came up with creative ideas so that both parties felt good about the sale. He performed all activities with honesty and respect and, while I'm sad to let the unit go, I'm very happy with the personal service that Joseph provided.  Mary     
  •  An investing partner and I recently worked with Joseph on a rental property purchase. We were hugely impressed with Joseph's talent for real estate. My business partner and I had worked with other realtors in this past, but it became quickly apparent that Joseph was operating on a whole other level. His intimate knowledge of the local market, extensive experience as an investor himself and sage advice were absolutely invaluable. Joseph is now clearly our number one choice for real estate deals. Mike     
  • We had exceptionally good and personal experience with Joseph Goldberg as our Realtor. He took time to understand our needs and preferences, to show us various neighborhoods and investments properties, to share with us his deep knowledge and broad practical experience. When you work with Joseph, you have a good experienced friend on your side - there is no detail too small for him, no question that he won't answer. He always looks after you and keeps your best interest as his top priority. Joseph is very proactive and very responsive. His assistance and guidance were instrumental in our purchase. We were planning on investing in real estate for several years with no progress, but as soon as we started to work with Joseph, within just several weeks we have found a dream property - size, location, price everything was exactly what we were looking and hoped for. His deep knowledge and understanding of the market backed by easy to understand charts and lots of invaluable tips, helped us a lot in deciding on buying the rental property. Joseph has several rental properties and has an incredible practical experience with buying, remodeling and renting apartment in the Seattle area. Furthermore, Joseph provided us with valuable advice on how to get ahead with the purchase in a strong sellers’  market. He negotiating skills helped saved us over $67,000 of the list price! His assistance did not end there. He provided us with a lot of guidance on how to get started as landlords. It was a big step for us and we are so grateful that Joseph was with us on this journey. We are very happy with our purchase and with our new level of understanding of Seattle's real estate market, which was gained through Joseph's generous support. We will definitely consider using Joseph again for our next investment as well as when it is time to sell our own home and move to a better one. I highly recommend Joseph Goldberg!  Kira     
  • Joseph Goldberg is an exceptional Realtor and I can't say enough good things about him as a professional and as a person. His assistance and guidance were instrumental in our purchase which otherwise we were not doing. His deep knowledge and understanding of the market backed by easy to understand charts and lots of invaluable tips, helped us a lot in deciding on buying the rental property which we are very happy about. Joseph has several rental properties and has an incredible 'on the ground' experience with buying, remodeling and renting apartment in the Seattle area. Furthermore, Joseph provided us with valuable advice on how to get ahead with the purchase in a strong sellers’ market. His assistance did not end there. He provided us with a lot of guidance on how to get started as landlords. I highly recommend Joseph Goldberg!   Joe
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